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Profile manager can be used to configure several devices, including iOS devices and Mac computers in any organization. Its use can also be applicable in quickly configuring any significant number of devices that your organization may require. Additionally, it also creates and distributes the configuration profile. This is done by installing them on a device and configuring the settings. To learn more about configuration profiles, go to Profile Manager User Guide

Every settings applied to the user automatically apply to any devices associated with the user. However, similar settings are enforced to any users if the settings are applied to the device. The configuration profile applies to each user, group, device, or device group to facilitate a base level of settings. Nevertheless, the profile manager allows you to enforce organization policies.

Note that some of the features of Profile Manager are only available to the latest versions of the various iOS.

Configuration Profile Distribution

Upon defining the preferred settings for users and their devices, the configuration profiles can be distributed in the following ways;

Distributed upon activation

Settings automatically configure after the activation of the device using the internet.

Remote device management

You can enable the profile manager mobile devices management service.

User self-service

Users can download the settings using the Profile Manager built-in user.

Manual distribution

Users can download the configuration profile from the Profile Manager Administration portal.

For safety purposes, you can be able to lock devices that you manage using Profile Manager remotely.

Profile Manager Components

Consists of three main components;

Mobile Device Management (MDM) service

Allows you to manage enrolled services remotely.

App and book Distribution

The distributed apps and books can be purchased through Apple School Manager or Apple Business Manager and enterprise apps and books.

Wireless configuration of Apple devices

Allows you streamline configuration of organization-owned devices.

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